Paperback Facelift

Paperback Facelift

One of the biggest reasons I chose to go the indie route instead of pursuing traditional publishing, was maintaining creative control over all aspects of my author career. (That’s not to say I do it all. I do what is within my skill-set, and outsource the rest to other talented professionals.) The other reason I went indie was the freedom to make decisions and changes on my own timeline.

When Perception released, it was immediately clear that, by virtue of being a novella, it was going to be impossible to match the look of the Inharmonic spine. There just wasn’t room to include the decorative title or to size the book number as large as it needed to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love how Perception looks, but the two spines don’t looks as nice as they could side-by-side on my bookshelf.

And I know how important that is.

So, when I began working with my cover designer on book three, we took the opportunity to make a few changes. The result will be a far more uniform look, with standardized title fonts and book number sizes across all five books in the series.

I’ve also updated the copy on the back book cover. Copywriting is a skill all its own. While I’ve been pleased with the back cover copy I wrote, I’ve always known it could be better. So, I recently outsourced that task to some of those other talented professionals.

Introducing Inharmonic 2.0! This is NOT a second edition – the interior formatting and majority of the book cover is still the same. It’s more like a freshen-up.

If you’d like an updated paperback copy of Inharmonic you can enter the Inharmonic Book Birthday Giveaway below for a chance to win a signed copy along with other gifts! Retail copies will be available from Amazon no later than January 20.


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