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Welcome to my internet home! I know time is precious, so thank you for spending a few of your valuable moments here. I’m hard at work on the next book in the Music Maker series. If you’d like to be kept updated as release date draws near, let me know by filling out those boxes down there. You’ll also get Heart of the Wood, the Inharmonic companion story, for FREE. Enjoy the site!

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2018 reading challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

I usually approach my to-be-read list like I approach an ice cream cooler. Surrounded by beautiful, brightly-colored choices, all of them delicious in their own way, I tend to go …

Inharmonic Book Birthday Aftermath Blog Title

Inharmonic Book Birthday Aftermath

I’m still recovering from last week’s book birthday bash. But coffee helps. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! It was my intention to announce the winners by now, but …

Manifest Cover Reveal

Manifest Cover Reveal!

Book Three of The Music Maker Series has a cover! But let’s stop calling it Book Three and give it a real title. If you’ve been paying attention to the …