Christmas Interview – A-caroling We Will Go

Christmas Interview

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I managed to gather some of your favorite Amrantirians in one spot for a quick chat. (Don’t ask me how I managed it. Suffice it to say, there were threats, and possibly some bribery involved.) It was pretty enlightening.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Tau: Did she import it from Russia?

Alek: I believe she said she blended it herself.

Helaine: And he tried to be so sneaky about it, but his face gives everything away. Well, you know how he is.

Tau: She must have imported some of the ingredients, then. Would you like a cup?

Alek: No, thank you.

Nadja: Does he know you figured it out?

Pax: *whispers inaudibly to Petrin*

Petrin: *nods*

Tau: I’ll just pour a cup for me, then.

Helaine: I don’t think so. I mean, unless he’s done some–

A.K.R.: Hey, guys? Guys? I don’t want to keep you for long, since I know you’re all very busy–

Tau: That’s putting it mildly.

A.K.R.: So if we can just settle down for a minute, I promise I’ll make it quick.

Pax: Yes ma’am. Whatever you need, you just take your time.

A.K.R.: Thanks. Okay, so I know that you don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas, but I also know that you all love music, so I wanted to get your opinions on the songs we enjoy this time of year. You’ve all had a chance to check out my “Christmas Faves” playlist, and I wondered if any of the songs stood out for you. Like, did you have a particular favorite?

Helaine: Ooo, there were so many! Um . . . “Silver Bells” is probably one of the ones I liked best. It reminded me of strolling through the Market District around the Candlefire Celebration. Oh, and “Carol of the Bells.” That one has such a nice flow to it.

Nadja: You like bells?

Helaine: Huh? Oh, I guess I do. *giggles*

A.K.R.: What about you, Nadja. Did any of the songs speak to you?

Nadja: You know, there was one, actually.

Tau: *coughing and sputtering* What in the name of all that is right and noble is this rot?!

A.K.R.: Oh my gosh, do you need a napkin?

Tau: No, I need something for the burning in the back of my throat!

A.K.R.: *hands Tau water bottle*

Tau: Thank you. *guzzles water* Whew. I believe your beverage may have gone south.

A.K.R.: The Russian Tea? I tried it before you got here, and it tasted fine to me. I’m sorry you didn’t like it.

Tau: That – whatever it is – is most certainly not tea.

A.K.R.: Well, it does have some tea in it.

Tau: Impossible.

A.K.R.: Instant tea.

Tau: *cringes* And the Russians drink this?

A.K.R.: I . . . well . . . I don’t know. Probably not.

Tau: But it comes from there?

A.K.R.: No, I bought the ingredients from the grocery store nearest my house.

: Then, is it used as some sort of weapon against these Russians?


: You didn’t taste it.

A.K.R.: No.

Tau: What are these other ingredients, if I dare ask?

A.K.R.: Just instant tea, some lemonade mix, cinnamon, cloves, sugar, and Tang.

Tau: Tang?

A.K.R.: It’s an orange drink.

Tau: Orange juice?

A.K.R.: No, an orange drink. I don’t think there are any actual oranges in it. Well, maybe a tiny bit.

Tau: Then how is it an orange drink?

A.K.R.: It’s orange flavored.

Tau: You’re telling me this beverage contains tea that’s not actually tea, orange drink with no actual oranges in it, and has nothing to do with Russia, and that you . . . enjoy . . . this around your Christmas holidays.

Nadja: Oh, Uncle, give her a break.

A.K.R.: Yes! Yes, I like it, and so do many other people. I thought you all might enjoy something a little different.

Petrin: *sipping carefully* I find it quite refreshing.

A.K.R.: Thank. You.

Helaine: I’d like to try some. Oh, “Sleigh Ride!” I liked that one too.

Nadja: “Just hear those sleigh bells jingling…”

Helaine: *blushes*

A.K.R.: What about you Tau? Now that we’re all thoroughly aware of how much you dislike Russian Tea, did you find a song that you actually liked?

Tau: “I Saw Three Ships.”

Pax: *snorts* Really?

Tau: Of course. That’s a good song for any day.

A.K.R.: You do know it’s about the arrival of Christ, right?

Tau: *sips tea*

: *chuckles*

Nadja: What about you then? No doubt your favorite was “O Christmas Tree.”

Pax: Why would you think that?

Nadja: Because you– ugh, nevermind.

Pax: Actually, I really enjoyed “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Connected with it.

Nadja: . . .

Pax: . . .

Alek: *clears throat* I particularly enjoyed “O Come, O Come Emanuel.”

A.K.R.: Oh? Why is that?

Alek: The desire for a great change, and the yearning for a long-awaited savior is something that resonates with me.

Petrin: Well, that makes my choice seem fairly petty.

Helaine: No! Go ahead. I’m sure it’s wonderful.

A.K.R: Yes, please share, Petrin.

Petrin: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” I liked that one. It felt peaceful and nostalgic. The perfect song to enjoy next to a fire.

Helaine: See, that sounds so nice. *sighs* Oh! “Winter Wonderland!” I loved that one, too.

Nadja and Petrin: “Sleigh bells ring . . .”

Helaine: *hides face*

Nadja: *laughs* You’re adorable.

A.K.R.: I really love all of those songs, too, Helaine. Honestly, it’s impossible to sing half a dozen Christmas songs without running into bells. They’re synonymous with the season.

Well, I think that wraps us up here! Thanks for taking the time to share your take on–

Helaine: What about Nadja? We haven’t heard her favorite yet.

A.K.R.: Oh my gosh, yes! She was about to tell us when . . . *side-eyes Tau* Well, that’s not important. Nadja, what was your favorite song?

Nadja: There were a lot of them I found beautiful and moving, and fun. But if I had to choose one, I’d choose “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” . . . If only in my dreams.

A.K.R.: Mmm. *nods* Thank you for sharing. And on that note, go! Go enjoy the rest of the holiday season. 🙂

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