Perception Excerpt #1

Perception Excerpt #1


In the weeks leading up to the launch of Perception, I’ll be sharing a few excerpts from the book to whet your appetite.

Devious, I know. *insert evil laugh and maniacal finger wiggling*

Okay, enough chit chat. On with the good stuff. 🙂


“Don’t you want to wait for Pax?” Helaine asked.

Laurel Willowcroft, the smart and gorgeous adept-level student who made no secret about her feelings for Pax, had cornered him his first day back in class and practically demanded he escort her to the picnic. Pax had made his excuses to her, saying he already had plans with Petrin, thereby making himself their third.

Not that Helaine minded in the least. Pax seemed to be taking Nadja’s absence rather hard, which wasn’t a surprise to her. She was glad to offer any help she could.

She scanned the lawn, but Pax was nowhere in sight. “Where is he, anyway?”

Petrin sniffed. “He’s, ah, been detained.”

“Detained? What in the world does that mean? Every student and grandmaster is here. There’s no one to detain him.”

Petrin looked away. “It’s nothing,” he said, tugging on his earlobe. “He’s just answering a few questions.”

“From whom?”

He shrugged. “The guard.”

“The Cantio guard?” she exclaimed.

“Shh,” said Petrin, twisting to face her with his hands in the air. “Please, keep your voice down.”


What do you think is going on with Pax?? Leave your theories in the comments below!

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