Perception Cover Reveal!

The day has finally arrived!

Next to book-launch-day, book-cover-reveal-day is my favorite.

And that day is today!!

AND, that also means, I can finally tell you a little more about the story.

Perception picks up right after the end of Inharmonic But this time, Helaine takes center stage. When last we saw her, she had just awoken in the infirmary, confused, but otherwise healthy. Or was she?

While Perception follows Helaine in the aftermath of her ordeal and the disappearance of her best friend, you will get glimpses of Nadja. Where is she? What is she up to? Helaine is asking the very same questions.

Perception will be available for purchase on Amazon, and free to KU subscribers, on August 23.

The fine people over at Deranged Doctor Design have done a fantastic job, once again, on this cover, and I’m so pleased with the result. So, without further ado, and for your viewing pleasure, I present the Perception book cover (and blurb)!


Perception Book Cover


Perception: a novella
The Music Maker Series, Book Two

Helaine was an ordinary musician with an extraordinary ability: she could smell sound.

That is, until she awoke from a mysterious three-day sleep.

The sudden loss of her extra sense ruins her summer apprenticeship and threatens to put her back in the infirmary indefinitely. And to top it off, her best friend, Nadja, has gone missing. No goodbye. No word. Nothing.

Helaine suspects at least two people know the truth about Nadja’s disappearance, but they’re not talking. If she wants answers, she’ll have to find them herself.  

Amid rumors and interrogations, secrets and swarms, will Helaine uncover the truth she seeks, or is she doomed to mourn the loss of her best friend forever?

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