The Latest Buzz

The Latest Buzz

I love the research aspect of writing. As a lifelong learner, I’m always excited about discovering something new and following my curiosity down whatever rabbit hold it leads.

If you’ve paid ANY attention at all to my social media posts (or even my last blog post) about Perception, you know that bees come into play in this story.

Now, it’s true, I have dreams of being a backyard beekeeper one day, but that hasn’t gone beyond the realm of dreams yet, and probably won’t for some time. So, when bees buzzed their little cute behinds into the newest story in The Music Maker Series, I was more than happy to welcome them.

TGFTI (Thank God for the Internet)

Most of my research is done online, but I LOVE it when I have an opportunity to do some real-world exploration. Recently, my littles and I visited the Texas Discovery Garden and Butterfly House. We had visited back in January, so I wasn’t clamoring to go back so soon. But, leave it to my four-year-old to remind me that the Honeybee Tree was likely in operation by now.

And so it was!

Honeybee Tree Sign

It was so cool to watch the bees in action in the garden, and in the special habitat they’ve constructed for them in the outer wall of butterfly house.

Bees Up Close

But, my favorite part was getting to see a few of them perform their waggle dance, live!

All the research in the world doesn’t compare to being an expert in the field. And I’m looking for one. Are you an expert beekeeper? Or do you know someone who is? I’m looking for an expert beta reader for Perception, and I’m taking recommendations! Leave me a comment below, or shoot me an email if you know a thing or two about bees. 🙂

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