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The end of 2016 is looming in the distance, and Inharmonic is beginning to resemble something close to a finished product. I’ve heard back from most of my betas and am hard at work incorporating their notes into another round of edits. If things continue as they are, I’m set to meet my release date goal of January 5, 2017.

That’s right, Inharmonic‘s (tentative) release date is January 5, 2017!

I use the word “tentative” because this is my first time going through the publishing process. I’ve done my homework and made my plans, but everything is new on a maiden voyage. However, barring any disasters, Inharmonic will be released into the wild at the beginning of the new year.

Along with all of the helpful notes I’ve received from my beta readers, a few have even been kind enough to pass along some lines or sections that they particularly like. So, I’m passing those along to you!

No worries. Nothing spoiler-y here. Just a little sample of things to come. 🙂

"'…has to be more comfortable for you… cooperation would be helpful… brass might be more to your liking… what can I help you with?'

Unsure if this last comment was directed at her or the mass on the table, Nadja looked on in silence.

'Ah,' said the man, clapping his hands together and sliding the tubes to the side. He looked up at Nadja.

She swallowed a giggle as she met his gaze. He wore a magnifying glass on a band over his left eye like a myopic pirate. The giant grapefruit-sized eye reminded her of some of the larger fish she’d encountered in the Shadow Sea."
"But getting two shy people to admit they have feelings for one another is like trying to push together two identically charged magnets. One has to go against its true nature before they can snap together."
"She had known Luca since childhood. They’d grown up together. He had never shown her anything other than gentleness and patience, kindness and dependability. How could she suppose anything different from him?

And yet, though she didn’t know Baulo as well, she’d have never suspected him capable of the things she witnessed that night. How easily he hid his depraved nature behind a mask of tradition, lawfulness, and false morality.

Nadja didn’t know how to answer Luca’s question, so she avoided it. 'So, you came to bring back the runaway?' she asked, glad her mother’s letter had done its job."
"He was like the Auldwood Oak - strong, protective, persistent and rare.

Why had she run?"
"Helaine let out a giggle which sounded more like a hiccup, and Nadja saw her shoulders relax.

'Are you sure?' asked Helaine.

'Yes,' said Nadja, placing her hands on Helaine’s shoulders once again and leaning her friend back against her pillows. 'Now, you relax, and I’ll get you that soup.'

She stood and headed for the door.

'Besides,' she called back, 'it’ll do me good. I need to stop hiding behind my own insecurities and just lay it all out there. What’s the worst that could happen?'"

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