Rough Draft Complete



The rough draft of Inharmonic, the first book in the Music Maker series, is done!

Can I get a Hallelujah?

I typed the last line at around 7:15 this morning (thanks to my new writing schedule of between ungodly-early and whenever-the-first-child-wakes), and promptly left to pick up a celebratory breakfast chicken biscuit from Chic-fil-a.  Got to celebrate those milestones.

What’s next?

It’s straight into editing mode.  I cleaned up a few [MAN NAME] and [SONG TITLE] type needs as I munched my biscuit and hope to have the rest of those taken care of today.  Then, my editing level gets upped to Hardcore.

Along with the editing, it’s time to get my summary knocked out, as well as begin the process of book cover design.  So excited!

Stay tuned!


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